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Glens Falls Medical Mission Board Members

In June of each year elections for board members and the executive committee are held. The following list includes the names of the present members of our board of directors and executive committee.

Executive Committee

President: Michael DelSignore
Treasurer: Antonella Margison
Emeritus: Vitty Marcinkevicius


Board Members

Cindy Blanchard, LPN Nelson Miller, MD FACOG
Kathleen Braico, MD FAAP Amy Morelli RN, FNP
Ben Graham Donna Perkett
Christine McDonald Sandra E. Rexhouse, ACNP/BC
  Steve Sellingham
  Gail Stern MS, NP-P

Field Operative In Guatemala: Victor Flores

Glens Falls Medical Mission Foundation would like to especially thank the following individuals who have previously served on our Board of Directors. These individuals helped build this organization and spent tireless hours working to prepare for our trips as well as on the missions themselves. We could never have done it without them! THANK YOU!

Past Board Members: Birger Steen R.Ph, Claudia G. Hobbs NP, Terri Kingman NP, Lynn Keil PA, Kevin Kane, Dr. Patricia Hale, MD, Ph.D., Dr. Richard Leach, MD, Raul Grether, Doris and Wes Hale, Mary Sutphen RPh, Miguel Cortez, Pat Quinn,
John Sawyer, MD, Fred Phillips, MD, Cheryl Tucker, PhD, Nancy Murtha, Bob Murtha, George Sicard, Fred Jacobs, DPM, Joyce Butterfield, Whit Butterfield,  Dave McCarthy, Janine Cantalupo, RN, William Loeb, MT, Jim McCarty, Daureen Shoemaker, RN, Ben Graham, DMD, Mary Hoertkorn, RN, Erina Eccher, DDS, Phyllis Fisher, Joan Noble, MA.RN, Paula Cipperly, Betty Gilly, Brittany Winchip, Amy Balog, NP, Richard Cipperly, Nancy Sutherland

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